Kuns by Merissa Slingerland is ‘n hoogtepunt in my week. Sy daag jou uit, inspireer jou, moedig jou aan, respekteer jou en leer jou nuwe tegnieke aan sonder dat jy jou eie unieke individuele kunskreatiwiteit en -styl verloor. Die koffie is ‘n bonus.  Heerlik! Dankie Merissa!

Mariette Oostenbrink

Merissa se Kunshuis is n tweede tuiste vir die kreatiewe siel.

Sy skep n omgewing waar kreatiwiteit benut en ontwikkel word en waar kunstenaars die vryheid het om hul horisonne te verbreed met nuwe tegnieke en inspirasie.

Louise Van Wyk Esterhuyse

Thank you, Merissa, for the wonderful art classes. My girls and I always look forward to our time together at your studio, exploring new techniques and materials.  You are always so encouraging and positive.  It is fantastic to see the girls progress and in their enjoyment of art.

Celia Falkenberg

When I first met Merissa, I have never done any art. I was apprehensive and insecure. Merissa’s warm personality made me feel welcome and the non-judgemental space she creates in her class really helped me to relax, gave me the freedom to express. She brings out the best in artists with her gentle encouragement. Her class is a place of healing, reconnection and creativity without boundaries. It has changed my life forever.

Jana Loubser

Born from Italian parents in South Africa, Scarlett lives in Gordon’s Bay with her husband.  After her studies at the University of Pretoria, she worked for the South African government for 27 years.  She is an author and was recruited by the Amazon Kindle Review Services where she has in the past 18 months, reviewed over 210 books.  Her art training extends to a period of 4 years, starting in 2000 studying at Corne van Eck’s Art School in Pretoria while she is presently receiving training from Merissa Slingerland in the Strand since 2016.  Lending her style from Chagall and Matisse with her impressionistic touch she tinges her work with expressionistic colour, feeling and movement.


“This thing that some have, this spark, fire – the unknown variable that a dozen different writers have given a dozen different names to – it’s really rare. So many aspects have to somehow magically come together in order for it to work. Some people are really verbose and yet they don’t have access to those depths, or they’re afraid to go there. Others have the emotional or spiritual openness and yet they can’t articulate it.”   Scarlett was blessed with an articulate “ paint brush” and pen.

 Merissa as mentor and artist opens Scarlett’s heart and pours her knowledge and talent into and onto Scarlett’s canvas, and together they create beautiful art.

 Scarlett with Merissa, as a team,  has a main focus, and that is to extend boundaries in forms, media and themes, allowing each work,  and space to seek its own identity and beauty; becoming a creation unique in an image for each viewer.      

Scarlett Jensen